About Us

Kaya Baskul is founded in Eminonu, Istanbul by Saban Kaya and I.Hakki Kaya in 1975 for producing high tonnage and manual controlled scales and their accessories. During the course of time, our firm has shifted its activity to automatic LPG filling scales and filling units, making use of its past experience and knowledge in this area.

Since 1985, Kaya Baskul has gained many references both from Turkey and abroad by establishing uncountable numbers of LPG filling units and producing LPG filling scales.

Our firm has gained vast experience in the area of LPG filling units and has started producing other produces needed in those units with its expert staff. Having many giant and well-established firms among our references, is an encouraging factor for us in maintaining our good quality in this field.

Our main aim is to establish LPG filling units. But we, in the meantime, carry out the activities for producing and erecting the items needed in those units upon the request of our clients. All our products having TSE guarantee certificate are guaranteed for 1 year against any producing and erecting defects.

With its 18 expert staff and 30 partner firms, Kaya Baskul has a large capacity and is enable to establish 8 LPG filling units per year.

We produce all items and materials needed in LPG filling units.

Our market share in establishing LPG filling units and producing LPG filling scales is around 65 % in Turkey. Full automation is the main aim in our future projects.


KAYA Scales Industry & Trade Ltd Co.
 LPG Scale and Filling System

28 years experience in the field