Kayatronik LPG Cylinder Filling Scale

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Kayatronik LPG filling scales are used for filling LPG cylinders.

  • Can hold up to nine different programs
  • Easy calibration
  • Large built in operation memory up to 15 days
  • Large interface screen
  • Automatic filled cylinder weight inspection for higher accuracy
  • Filling accuracy does not affected by LPG turbulence inside the cylinder
  • Equipped with LED lamps for describing the filling situation
  • Equipped with built in memory for working errors
  • Turkish, English and French operation languages
  • Equipped with centering mechanism.
  • Has a double stage LPG cut-off valve.
  • Strong and electrostatic painted body.
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Minimum maintenance and service needs
  • Can be used alone or over a Carousel
  • Can be equipped with two different filling heads for hand-wheeled and self-closing valves.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe to use
  • Low energy and air consumption


Developed based on the industry needs with the aid of 45 years of experience.

Along with the market increasing demand for electronic LPG filling scales and in order to provide our customers with a high quality services we developed the Kayatronik. KAYATRONİK offers multiple advantages to its users especially in the fields of precision and accuracy thanks to its new software and its high performance control unite. Because of its large screen and the simple user interface, it provides the operator with safer, accurate, and user friendly working experience on the other hand, KAYATRONİK provides the LPG filling facilities with high efficiency solution. KAYATRONİK stands out with its robust structure, superior performance, c.

KAYATRONİK is the right choice for the right filling

Carousel Center Column                                                                                                     

The Carousel Center Column is responsible for distributing the LPG, Compressed air and Electricity to the filling scale while rotating with the carousel. The Carousel Center Column and the electricity distributer is completely developed and manufactured by KAYA.

Four simple steps between you and your new carousel filling system.

1-Sytem design 2-Order   3- Production and shiping     4-İnstallation