Tilting Leakage Check Pool ( Automatic )

Category: Leakage Control Pool Systems

Tilting Leakage Check Pool ( Automatic );

    The filled and weight tested cylinders goes to the gas leakage test. When the LPG cylinders enters the tilting leakage check pool plate form and after the plate form is filled with cylinders then a stopper will be automatically activated and the plate form will be tilted in to the pool by the mean of a pneumatic cylinder automatically in order to submerge the cylinder under water. Which will make it easier to detect any leakage form the filled cylinders. The defected cylinders will be sorted out manually by the operator.

  • Pneumatic powered and controlled.
  • Suitable for household and camping cylinders.
  • Can be mounted on line.
  • Can test multi cylinders at the same time.
  • Designed according to customer requirements


Product code


Working pneumatic pressure

5-7 Bar

Working environment TEMP.

+1 °C +57 °C

Working capacity

700 cylinder/hour